About Baoter

Baoter provides various services including material manufacturing and finish processing with different kinds of material such as Brass, Zinc, Aluminum etc. Furthermore, We have new technology for advanced processes.

Furthermore, We have new technology for advanced processes. Therefore, there are various designs of bathroom products provided with high quality.

Baoter also provides a wide range of styles of products for example Modern, Classic, Prestige and etc. We can guarantee that Baoter will meet your expectations!


  • 1990

    Baoter start up with only two machines in a little rented place. At very beginning, Baoter concentrated on Bathroom accessorises assembling for about 5 years.
  • 1995

    Baoter expand the company size, due to the high demand in market. Therefore, Baoter add faucet into product list and supply to construction company and other industry. Consequently, Baoter then introduced more machines such as water testing and processing machines.
  • 1998

    Batoer decide to build up own company in order to provide a wider range and also to better control the product quality.
  • 2000

    Baoter begun to focus on OEM/ODM by providing top quality bathroom accessories and services. In order to have even better quality control, Baoter introduced more advanced machines such as CNC, drilling&tapping machine, automatic buffing machine, pipe-bending machine, Milling machine, Blister machine, vacuum packing machine and even assembling lines.
  • 2020

    Baoter now has had more than 30-year experience on product design and production based on very high quality and well rated customers relationships. We have most of our customers who have collaborated with us more than 20 years.

What we are proud of

Baoter is very proud of our quality control, no matter from designing, tooling, machining, processing, packaging, Baoter has always provided the top quality to our clients

Work that requires advanced mould making, machining and tooling, solutions are engaged in order to build the perfect pieces of bathroom fixtures and fitting.

And because of our seasoned experience, Baoter would provide professional consulting services to ensure your manufacturing costs are lowered.

vision and goals


Focus on innovative development, collect relevant suggestions and inspiration through online and offline activities, turn into nutrients for new products, provide you with the best quality and service, each product contains our love and gratitude, just for you.

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Innovative design

Advance with the times, and strive to create cutting-edge products of the times.

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Process technology

With more than 30 years of process technology, it is the guardian of product size and quality.